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About Us

About Us

In 2009, AA Advantage Doors was founded on a few basic principles: Honesty. Integrity. Trust. These are the values we continuously aim to uphold, and these are the values we have come to be known by. Our customers have always been, and always will be our number one priority. Our goal is to build a lasting, personal relationship with all our customers. We believe we have done an excellent job of living up to this promise, as proven by the sheer number of customers who take the time to express their satisfaction and share their experience with us on our testimonials page.

A little bit of history...

Jul '09

How it all started

July, 2009
AA Advantage Doors service vehicle

We started from zero. A simple 2006 Ford Focus, capable of hauling massive quantities of nuts and bolts. Word about the company spread incredibly fast, and only a few months had passed before we realized we needed a bigger vehicle.

Jul '10

BBB Accredited

July, 2010
AA Advantage Doors BBB accredited

We wanted to build trust between ourselves and the customer, and the next logical step was to become accredited by the Better Business Bureau. To this day, we have had 0 complaints.

Dec '09

Meet the postal cargo van

Dec, 2009
AA Advantage Doors service vehicle

We were able to haul entire garage doors now (in addition to nuts and bolts)!

Oct '10

The next cargo van

Oct, 2010
AA Advantage Doors service vehicle

We were able to haul even larger garage doors now, and in larger quantities.

It wasn't long before word was spreading throughout the city about our company and our reputation continued to grow. So we needed to take our business to the next level...

Feb '11

We mean business

Feb, 2011
AA Advantage Doors showroom

We opened our first showroom, only 1 1/2 years since our inception. We were more able and better equipped to serve our customers.

Dec '12

Getting serious

Dec, 2012
AA Advantage Doors trailer

Fast forward a couple years and a couple vehicle upgrades, and we have this...

Sep '14

Integrity Award Finalist

Sep, 2014
AA Advantage Doors BBB integrity awards finalist

Chosen as a 2014 finalist for the 17th annual Better Business Bureau Integrity Award in Southwestern Ontario, due to outstanding reputation and customer service. This year has seen a record number of submissions, so we are very proud of this achievement. For more information about the BBB Integrity Award, click this link.

Oct '14

Winner to be determined

Oct, 2014
AA Advantage Doors BBB integrity awards

Winner of the BBB Integrity Award will be determined on Oct. 29, 2014...

Oct '14

Maybe next time

Oct, 2014
AA Advantage Doors BBB integrity awards finalist

Oct 29, 2014: Well, we didn't win 1st prize this year. There's always next year... but we did leave with a nice finalist trophy and a free promotional video!