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Raised Panel 2250

Raised panel garage door

Raised Panel 2250

It's big on style. With the same appearance as our top-of-the-line models, this series incorporates everything you expect in a garage door, with a price that's right for you.

Garage Door Features

- Section joints are roll-formed into a tongue-and-groove design to produce a superior weather seal
- Door sections are 2" thick and formed from heavy, 25-gauge galvanized draw quality steel
- Window insert options include cathedral, mission, cascade, waterton, sherwood, sunburst and stockton
- Glass options include plain, tinted, obscure and glue chip
- Colors available in your choice of white, almond, sandstone, brown or desert tan

Garage Door Colour Options

Almond garage door

Brown garage door

Desert Tan garage door

Sandstone garage door

White garage door

Garage Door Window Inserts

Cascade Short
Cascade short panel garage door windows

Stockton Short
Stockton short panel garage door windows

Cathedral garage door windows

Mission Short
Mission short garage door windows

Sherwood short garage door windows

2-4 Piece Sunburst
Two 4-piece sunburst garage door windows

5 Piece Sunburst
5 piece sunburst garage door windows

6 Piece Sunburst
6 piece sunburst garage door windows

7 Piece Sunburst
7 piece sunburst garage door windows

8 Piece Sunburst
8 piece sunburst garage door windows

Waterton Short
Waterton garage door windows

Garage Door Designer Lites

Glue Chip
Gluechip garage door window designer lites

Obscure garage door window designer lites

Plain garage door window designer lites

Tined garage door window designer lites

Garage Door Windload

Wind can be unpredictable and destructive. This is why C.H.I. Windbreaker Series and iSeries doors are designed, tested, and built to the most rugged specifications. Wind chamber tested to ensure windload resistance, these extra-sturdy designs provide enhanced defense against the elements.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors developed the resilient Windbreaker Series garage doors to protect against high wind conditions. The super-resilient C.H.I. iSeries Impact Approved doors have strength designed to withstand direct collision of projectiles and other windborne debris at high speeds.

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